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  • Ray Shore's Astronomy and Astrophotography Site
    Personal astronomy and astrophotography website of Ray Shore. Features a great deal of interesting and useful content including astronomy pictures, equipment, and tutorials. Ray developed this site to share his interest in astronomy and astrophotography with others.
  • Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
    Reviews of astronomical scopes and equipment as written by experienced observers in the amateur astronomy community. Plus, they have a great forum.
  • Universe Today
    Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday.
  • Stargazer Observatory
    Stargazer - Private Observatory In The Heart Of Europe
  • astronomyonline.org
    Astronomy Online|Astronomy Information and Resources
  • Astro-Drummer
    A blog by astro-drummer Ricky Murphy
  • Charlottesville Astronomical Society
  • www.skyshedpod.com
    By using the same proven material that's been used globally for decades, in agricultural products and outdoor structures, combined with an evolutionary Patented design, SkyShed POD is the permanent or temporary observatory solution to house and operate the latest visual and photographic astronomical equipment. POD's low cost and high quality, along with its innovative design, make it the perfect alternative to much higher priced observatory solutions.
  • HobbySpace
    A huge collection of astronomy/space related links.Each of the links is with a brief comment.
  • Montecatini Astronomical Centre | Montecatini Val Di Cecina (PI)
    Astronomical proposal
    Astronomical instruments available for universities, departments and scientific institute.
  • Astro Domes - Observatory Domes for Astronomers
    Telescope observatory domes for the home and serious astronomer.
  • Billions and Billions Fine Art Astrophotography by Warren A. Keller
    Astrophotography by Warren Keller, CCD Imaging of Heaven's Wonders. Image Processing for Astrophotography (www.IP4AP.com) Techniques.
  • http://www.telescopeplanet.co.uk
    At this site you may find geography, institutions, social sciences, physics and astronomy, alternative science, medical physics, solar power, mathematics, physics, space, environment, forensics, energy, engineering.
  • Science Directory, Chemistry, Environment, Technology
    Telescope Planet UK-Celestron Telescopes & Meade Telescopes for Sale!
  • http://www.ngc891.com/
    Jim Cornmell's personal astronomical site.This site contains a selection of my personal astronomical content. Click on any of the links on the left or images below to navigate to the appropriate place. Jim Cornmell is an amateur astronomer and have tinkered a little in this and that. This site contains some images he has taken through a variety of telescopes. Details of how to build a 457mm (18") Dobsonian Telescope and some interactive star charts, aimed at his own personal preference of using Tirion's Sky Atlas 2000.0 in the field, and keeping a list of what he has observed over the years. There are individual charts for the Messier Catalogue, Caldwell Catalogue and the Herschel 400 Catalogue, see the Star Charts page for more information. These catalogues can be downloaded as spreadsheets and PDF documents. There are also individual finder charts for objects (e.g: Messier 45) and constellations (e.g: Orion).
  • The Living Cosmos
    This web site was constructed to offer a new look at our living universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm. More things are alive and structurally similar than we have been told. Moreover, life has dominion over the cosmos -- it is an all powerful force in the Universe. This look at the cosmos is a new multidisciplinary, full-blown paradigm.
  • Night Sky Observer
    Online since 1997, the Night Sky Observer provides up-to-date space exploration and astronomy news along with a selection of astronomy themed articles and is updated every day (including weekends). The site is also the home of the LunarPhase Pro and Jupsat Pro astronomy software applications.
  • SkyMarvels.com
    This award-winning, family-friendly site is for astronomy and space enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.  Experience the marvels in your sky, and then GO VISIT them in stunningly realistic 3-D with the free astro-simware "Celestia".  Loads of sky-viewing tools, videos, tips, freebies and more!
  • thestarvoyager
    About the Universe - Astronomy, Physics, Cosmology - Education and entertainment ...
  • Astrophotography by Giovanni Benintende
    A fine portfolio of astro-images
  • Gilles Gauthier (1-506-733-2142)
    The amateur astronomy web site in north-west New Brunswick, Canada (First astronomy club in NB.)
  • The Astronomical Unit
    Outreach and Education in Practical Astronomy
  • The Electronic Sky
    A range of articles covering cosmic phenomena of all kinds, ranging from minor craters on the Moon to entire galaxies.
  • http://www.meniero.it
    Astrophotography, landscapes and weather photography by Marco Meniero and Andreina Ricco
  • Privatsternwarte Loberg
    Nichtkommerzionelle Privat-Webseite über Astronomie und andere Interessenbgebiete
  • Privatsternwarte Loberg
    Nichtkommerzionelle Privat-Webseite über Astronomie und andere Interessenbgebiete
  • LucAstronomy
    Your Pro Amateur Astronomy Site in South Africa
  • Science News
    Your Pro Amateur Astronomy Site in South Africa